What Are The Causes And Treatments For A Dry Mouth?

The condition of dry mouth is known as xerostomia and is caused when the salivary glands in the mouth produce insufficient saliva. It is a problem that is often ignored by many despite it being uncomfortable to the individual. The lack of saliva can also attract oral bacteria which can lead to infections. In such cases, contacting periodontist 34285 is suggested because he or she can help you to cure the condition by recommending the right treatment for dry mouth.What Causes the Dryness?Several reasons can be attributed to a dry mouth. The primary reason for this condition is dehydration but issues like diabetes can also affect the production of saliva leading to a dry mouth. Some medications, supplements, appetite suppressants, and chemotherapy drugs can also leave you with this condition. It can cause problems when talking and swallowing food and beverages. Any treatment offered for this condition looks to improve the quality of your life.What Is The Best Course of Action To Follow If You Suffer from This Condition?Obtaining an appointment for dry mouth treatment in Venice FL will be possible if you contact periodontist Venice FL. You may consider “I should be contacting the periodontist near me” to gain some control over this condition. In either case, you would be thinking appropriately because the periodontist would be familiar with your case. He or she will also have the medical background and the experience to pinpoint the causes of the dryness accurately. You can, however, expect to be asked several questions by the professional to determine the causes of the dryness because it will be essential to treat the cause of the dryness rather than the condition itself.Questions That Can Be Expected From the PeriodontistThe periodontist would want to understand whether you are ingesting any medications, suffering from systemic autoimmune disorders, smoking or undergoing radiation therapy for cancers of the neck and head. Your answers will help the periodontist determine the cause of the dryness in your mouth. You will thereafter receive recommendations to use methods at home for the treatment of this condition.What Kind of Treatments Can You Expect For A Dry Mouth?The solutions offered by the periodontist may include some of the following.Increase your consumption of water. Drinking more water by taking sips throughout the day will help to moisten your mouth keeping it wet instead of dry.Using a straw for drinking. If you are having difficulties swallowing liquids this solution will prove helpful.Eliminating certain foods. You will be advised to avoid sugar that can dry the mouth. Avoiding liquids like alcohol, coffee, tea and caffeinated beverages that are also capable of contributing to oral dryness will be advised.Meeting your physician regarding medications. You may be asked to schedule an appointment with your physician to understand whether you can switch medications or alter dosages to find help from this problem. It would be suggested that you do not act by yourself without advice from your physician.Your periodontist may also recommend certain products that are designed specifically for dry mouth conditions. They include a dry mouth gel to provide relief from any pain and discomfort and toothpaste developed to deal with dry mouth.You may also be recommended to sip water often, suck on ice cubes, limit your intake of sugar and salt, take over-the-counter saliva substitutes, chew sugarless gum or suck sugarless hard candy. Additional treatments from your physician may also be needed if your if the dry mouth is being caused by an underlying health condition. Therefore you will be required to inquire with your doctor about your specific condition, long-term outlook and treatment options that will prove helpful.Visiting your dentist regularly is suggested as it is an effective method of determining the cause of the dry mouth and availing proper treatment. Regularly visiting your dentist for checkups to provide the professional sufficient time to evaluate your condition and modify the treatments for dry mouth as required will also be essential.The condition of dry mouth should not be ignored as a minor problem because it can be treated by visiting a periodontist who can evaluate the condition and effectively treat it. It is a better option than suffering from the discomfort which is often associated with such conditions.

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