Understanding the Benefits of Laser Dentistry Treatment in Venice, FL

Laser dentistry, despite being used commercially in clinical dental practices since 1989, is not well understood by many people. Dentists practicing laser dentistry are confused with the question patient asks about this method of treating dental procedures. More often than not, patients are surprised by the answers they receive about how laser dentistry offers a comfortable treatment option for many dental procedures.If laser dentistry isn’t being used widely, it is because dentists need to make a significant investment in technology and acquire training before it can be offered. The use of laser dentistry is made accessible by individual dentists that perform many procedures using this technology.Types of Lasers Used by DentistsDental professionals are either using hard tissue or soft tissue lasers, depending on the treatment being offered. Some dentists are using both types of lasers if the procedure needs it.Cutting through the structure of the tooth is possible with hard tissue lasers. A combination of water and a particular mineral found in the teeth absorb the wavelengths of the lasers. Most often, these lasers are used to prepare or shape the teeth for composite bonding, repair dental fillings, and to remove some tooth structure.What Are the Benefits of Using Lasers over Other Methods?When using lasers on soft tissues, the need for sutures is eliminated or decreased. As the laser promotes blood clotting, it minimizes bleeding in the soft tissues that are treated. It eliminates the need for anesthesia in specific procedures.The potential for bacterial infections is lower because the treated area is sterilized to help wounds heal faster and regenerate tissue. Less damage to the surrounding tissues is involved during any procedure.Soft tissue lasers are absorbed through water and hemoglobin, which is a protein found in red blood cells. Lasers are used to treat periodontitis by killing bacteria and activating the growth of tissue. While penetrating the tissue, soft tissue lasers seal the nerve endings and blood vessels. Many patients experience no pain when undergoing laser treatment as the lasers also promote faster healing of the tissue.Besides treating soft tissue conditions like periodontitis, lasers are also useful to treat tooth decay, hypersensitivity, and whiten the teeth. They are making dental treatments cost-effective, comfortable, and more efficient. Laser dentistry has been approved as a treatment option for several dental conditions by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The American Dental Association is hopeful about the potential of the field but is yet to approve lasers for dental treatments.Laser Treatments — How Are They Performed?Hard tissue laser treatments are performed for detecting cavities by identifying the presence of tooth decay, preparing the tooth for dental fillings, and treating tooth sensitivity.Soft tissue laser treatments are useful for treating a gummy smile, crown lengthening, laser frenectomy, and to remove soft tissue folds.Lasers are also helpful in removing benign tumors from the palate, cheeks, gums, and the sides of the lips through a pain-free method without stitches. It is used to treat obstructive sleep apnea by reshaping the throat and relieving the breathing problems associated with sleep apnea.Popular treatments like teeth whitening can also be accomplished faster by lasers during teeth whitening sessions.Is Laser Treatment Expensive?The prices of dental laser treatments can vary depending on the procedure needed by the patient and the equipment used by the dentist. Laser treatments can be completed in fewer sessions and may, therefore, be less expensive compared to conventional therapies. However, dental insurance companies generally determine reimbursement costs on the treatment provided and not the method of the procedure. Therefore people with dental insurance are likely to be compensated for the treatments just like they would have been with conventional dentistry.Finding a Dentist Offering Laser DentistryIf you want to find a qualified dental professional for laser treatment, you must look for a professional like Dr. Steven Feldman. He has acquired educational courses and has been trained appropriately to perform laser treatments. This dental professional has been through the Academy of laser dentistry and is truly capable of offering comfortable and cost-efficient laser dental treatments to patients that are looking for them.Patients fearing conventional dentistry for various reasons can now visit the dental professional mentioned in this blog. They can gleefully visit the dentist with confidence because they will not be confronting the dental drill or pain that is associated with dental procedures.

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