Same-Day Implants: Are They the Best Option During COVID-19

Ever since the beginning of the year, COVID-19 has changed life as we know it. Businesses had to shut down, schools had to close, and people had to stay at home. We had to change the way we interact with each other to survive the onslaught of the virus.This seems to be the new norm, and we are trying to accept it. Dentistry, just like the other sectors, had to adapt to the rapidly changing times. We had to do more virtual consultation, screen patients for COVID-19, and keep our practice squeaky clean.Even though the world seemed to be at a grinding halt, life still goes on. People still get sick and dental issues that were there before the pandemic are still waiting to be resolved.One of the common issues that people face is missing teeth. Losing a tooth can not only mess your smile, but also cause you to have an improper bite, change your speech, and cause your jawbone to deteriorate.This is where dental implants come in handy. However, due to the pandemic, we have to turn to same-day treatment options to minimize unnecessary interaction. This is why treatments such as same-day implants are gaining popularity.However, before we look at the benefits of same-day treatment, let’s peer into what same-day implants are all about.Same-Day Implants, In a NutshellUnderstandably, when you lose a tooth, you would want a quick solution to replace your missing tooth. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants are king. However, traditional dental implants could take months before the procedure is complete.This means that you would have to make multiple trips to see our dentist in Venice, FL. The traditional implant process is divided into separate stages. But same-day implants are fitted in one visit.In other words, the process of waiting for your socket to heal, then inserting the implant and waiting for osseointegration, is bypassed. The alternative method is quite appropriate for the times we live in since you can have your tooth replaced immediately after extraction.How Are Implants Fixed In One Day?You must be curious as to how a six-month procedure can be done in hours. Have a look at how the implants are fixed:ConsultationA consultation is essential because our dentist has to check your medical history and ascertain whether the procedure can be done and if it will be a success.X-rays have to be done to capture the image of your mouth. This will be used to create a model of your mouth.Treatment PlanAfter the consultation, we can create a treatment plan. If you need a sinus lift or a bone augmentation procedure, our dentist will include it in the plan. Then, off you go to surgery.Surgical ProcedureYou will be sedated, and the procedures that need to be done, such as extractions, implant placement, and any additional procedures will be done.Once the procedure is complete, you can either get a temporary crown or go and rest either at home or your hotel. Then our in-house laboratory will finish customizing your crown to fit your implants. When you come in the morning, you can get your restoration.RecoveryEven though the process is done in one day, it doesn’t mean that the healing process is bypassed. Osseointegration still has to take place. So you will need to eat soft foods for up to 8 weeks. You will still have to come in later for our doctor to check if your healing is on track.Benefits of Same-Day ImplantsThe benefits of same-day treatment are numerous; here are some of them:You will have one surgery done instead of several proceduresYou get your permanent teeth fixed in one visit instead of leaving the office with missing teethYour gum tissue heals faster, and the chances of your gums receding reduce drasticallyYou may save a buck since they are more cost-effective than traditional implantsYou spend less time at the dentist’s officeThere is immediate gratificationSame-day treatment is an appropriate treatment plan, especially if you need immediate treatment. However, before you jump for the speedy tooth replacement option, please consult with our dentist, Dr. Steven Feldman, at Steven Feldman DDS, to help you chatter the right treatment course.

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