Same-Day Dental Implants: Everything You Need to Know

Nothing is as frustrating, other than missing teeth, like the agony of waiting for the artificial teeth to be installed. Not only is the view unsightly, but it could affect your dental structure and cause bone loss. Dental implants are great and offer a long-term solution. However, the recovery period is long and is an inconvenience for many. Luckily, there are same-day dental implants that can restore your dental function on the same day of the procedure. Below we provide insights into the same-day implants.What Are Same-Day Implants?One-day implants are fixed on the same day of the implant surgery. One misconception of the same-day implants is that they won’t be as effective. But contrary to that, the one-day dental implants look, feel, and function as your natural teeth would.What Makes the Same-Day Dental Implants Different?The primary difference between traditional and same-day dental implants is time. The traditional implants take around three to six months to heal and have the crown fixed. The same-day implants, on the other hand, the crown is fixed on the day of the surgery. The temporary crown is later replaced by the permanent one after the bone has fused to the bone.Are You a Candidate for the Procedure?You need to be of good dental and overall health for the same-day implants to be fixed. Since the crow is fixed on the same day, there’s no time for other surgical procedures such as bone grafting to rebuild your dental density. You, therefore, need to have enough jawbone to support the implants.Several health problems can also disqualify you such as diabetes and osteoporosis.How Are the One-Day Dental Implants Fixed?Same-day implants require one dental visit. Before the surgery, Dr. Steven Feldman will evaluate your dental health and medical history. Diagnostic tests like x-ray and CT scans can be used to check for your bone density.During the surgery, the dentist will numb the gum with anesthesia and fix the implant. Next, he will fix the crown soon after the surgery is done.You can expect pain and discomfort after the procedure, but the dentist will prescribe pain medication and antibiotics to relieve the discomfort and prevent gum infections.Are There Any Risks Involved?Unlike traditional dental implants, the same-day ones are surrounded by various risks. Implant failure is the primary complication of dental implants. While the success rate of the traditional implants is 95%, the same-day fixtures have a much lower success rate. The failure is attributed to insufficient healing time.Osseointegration (implant fused to the bone) is an important process of the dental healing process. If the process is not complete the implant can move or worse still fail. Because the dental crowns are fixed on the same day, the implants may not fuse successfully.Furthermore, the implants are not for everyone. If you lack bone density, you will need to choose other dental restorations or traditional implants.Other risks include infection, pain, and nerve damage.What Are the Benefits?Despite their shortcomings, same-day implants have some great benefits such as:They are less time consuming as the surgery can be done in a few hoursThe gum will fit well with the crown. The crown is fixed immediately allowing the gum to grow around it creating a seamless look.Assuming the implants are fixed correctly and the procedure is successful, there will be a 70 percent chance of success. How Much Does the Same-Day Implants Cost?Every situation is different and it’s hard to tell how much it will cost. But, on average the implants can cost $3,000. Contact our dental office for information on the cost and financing plans we offer and accept.Come for A Smile Makeover!If you have missing teeth and don’t want to inconvenience of waiting for months to get the artificial teeth fixed, then the same-day implants are an idea for you. At Steven Feldman DDS, we offer same-day implants and other dental restorations that you can choose.

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