How to Stop Bad Breath in Time for Mother’s Day Celebrations

There are a number of things that could cause you to have bad breath, but poor oral hygiene is often the culprit. The severity of the condition will often vary, depending on the cause: it can occur occasionally or be a chronic condition.An early sign that you are suffering from bad breath is having an unpleasant odor coming from your mouth. We all tolerate smells differently and this is why some people are sensitive enough to notice even the slightest odor in their breath while others can’t tell know they have a bad breath even when its present. This makes it difficult for an individual to assess their own breath and the help of a friend or relative may be necessaryDr. Steven Feldman can help make an early detection for bad breath by analyzing the breath from your mouth and nose and then rating it on a scale. He will also scrape the back of the tongue and rate the smell before making a conclusion on the state of your breathCauses of Bad BreathAs mentioned earlier, bad breath could be a result of several factors. They include:What You Eat: The foods we eat are a primary source of any odors coming from the mouth. Some foods like onions and garlic tend to have a strong lingering smell while others have short-lived smells. Also, when food gets stuck in between teeth, they encourage reproduction of bacteria and dental plaque which h also cause bad breath.Tobacco Use: Tobacco products have an odor of their own that remains in the mouth even after use. They also increase risk of gum disease and oral cancers.Poor Oral Hygiene:When you fail to clean your teeth properly through regular brushing and flossing, any food particles remaining I the mouth begin to break down and produce an odor. A film of bacteria called plaque also forms and this can further encourage inflammation between the teeth and gums. Failing to clean your orthodontic appliances like dentures can also cause also harbor bacteria that cause bad breath.Infections of the Mouth:Diseases like gum disease, cavities or tooth abscess cause your breath to smell.Dry Mouth:This is a condition whereby you are not producing enough saliva. Saliva plays a significant role in oral health by keeping the mouth moist and helping to wash down food particles. When you do not have enough saliva, most food particles remain in the mouth which interferes with the PH of the mouth.Health Problems: The bacteria causing illnesses like tonsils, infections of the nose, throat or sinuses may contribute to bad breath.Certain Medications: Some drugs produce odors as they breakdown or interfere with production of saliva, resulting to bad breath.Other causes of bad breath include allergies, pregnancy, objects being lodged in the nose and morning breath.What Are the Steps to Get Rid of Bad BreathThere isn’t a specific approach used in bad breathe treatment, but you can make lifestyle adjustments depending on what could be causing it. As we look forward to celebrate Mother’s Day this coming month, here are some tips to help to improve your breath.Brush and Floss OftenYou should brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day. Also make a point to floss once a day to help get rid of food particles stuck between teeth, where the toothbrush bristles cannot reach. Always use a fluoride toothpaste and brush in circular motions covering the front, back and top of each tooth.Use A Mouth RinseAn anti-bacterial mouth rinse might be helpful in eliminating any bacteria that is causing bad odor. You can have a dentist recommend one for you or make an over the counter purchase.Brush Your TongueUse a tongue scraper to clean the tongue of bacteria, food particles and dead cells. This is especially important for people who smoke or are suffering from dry mouth.Adjust Your DietIf you suspect that the odor in your breath is caused by certain foods, try to avoid them or make a point to brush your teeth after taking them. Also cut down on intake of sugary foods, excess coffee and excess alcohol as they put your dental health at risk.Quit TobaccoIf you use tobacco products try and quit as this will have long-term benefits on your dental and overall health. You can use over the counter nicotine patches to tame the urge.Go for Regular Dental Check-Ups and CleaningsVisit your dentist at least twice every year to have your teeth professionally cleaned. Regular check-ups also help prevent common dental infections as your dentist is able to analyze the risks and provide the needed care.

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