How Can the Pinhole Surgical Technique Help People with Gingival Recession?

Gingival recession is a common problem that periodontists are observing in almost every patient. The degree of recession is minimal mostly you to aggressive brushing. Periodontists are in most cases advise the patient to modify their brushing technique and also use a softer bristled toothbrush. However gingival recession can also because of periodontal disease which can cause them pain because of sensitive root exposure. It also puts them at a higher risk of dental caries and furcation involvement. When it becomes obvious that the recession is a cause of periodontal disease and there is a need to create the condition as well as desensitize the roots periodontists are now using the pinhole surgical technique (PST).If you are encountering this problem and visit the periodontist near you for information on the PST technique it is possible that he or she may not have sufficient information about the procedure and may receive advice about conducting additional research to gather the information you need. Conducting the research will expose you to the information that the pinhole surgical technique was developed by Dr. John Chao and the procedure is minimally invasive for treating gingival recession in minutes. An hour is sufficient for treating the entire arch. This surgical technique is scalping free, graft free, and suture-free and simply requires a minimally invasive pinhole at the gingival buccal mucosa for treating two or three teeth to deliver immediate results. It is proving to be a life-changing experience for many patients that are walking into the office of the periodontist and happily walking out with a beautiful gum line within an hour. It is bringing happiness and confidence to many people because they can smile better than they were doing earlier.Candidates for the PST TreatmentPeriodontist 34285 recommends any individual experiencing receding gums is a potential candidate for pinhole surgery. However, the referring periodontist will conduct an initial examination before determining whether the procedure is appropriate for the patient. The patient should be healthy, stable from disease, decay, and falling restorations and have adequate attached gingivae, also be a non-smoker and free from autoimmune diseases such as diabetes because these conditions can delay the healing time for the patient.When Will a Dental Hygienist Recommend This Procedure?If the patient is experiencing sensitivity to cold temperatures because of gingival recession and does not respond to de-sensitizing agents or chlorides.The gingival recession is visually hampering the self-confidence of the patient.If the periodontal condition of the patient is under control.If the recession is caused by over-aggressive brushing and the patient has already reformed their habit of brushing to avoid the receding gums.Generally, this procedure is suggested if the patient brings a concern to the table and does not want to undergo the traditional surgical intervention. When surgical intervention is not the option and the patient prefers the pinhole technique the periodontist in Venice, FL, performs the pinhole surgical technique in Venice, FL.Can the Patient Expect Any Contraindications?Contraindications can be expected by patients that are not complying with the home care instructions provided by the periodontist and are indulging in habits like smoking and teeth grinding which can affect them. However, if patients follow the instructions of their periodontist they are unlikely to deal with any contraindications.How Effective Are the Results of PST?The results of the pinhole surgical technique are permanent according to the inventor Dr. Chou. Patients are advised not to over scrub and make every attempt to keep your mouth healthy. However, changes can be expected due to the normal aging process but most patients can expect the results from the PST to last for a very long time.What Precautions to Take after the Procedure?Patients are advised to contact their periodontist if they are noticing any discomfort, bleeding, swelling, or inflammation or if additional recession of the gums is observed. Periodontists recommend not to probe the gums until patients are permitted to do so.Many periodontists are not supporting the pinhole surgical technique because they feel the procedure is groping in the dark with no real guidance. However, people that are willing to ask questions around and make proper inquiries with their periodontist will be able to undergo the process with confidence and success as many periodontists are changing over to the new method of dealing with gingival recession.

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